Living next door to Alice

Use this arpeggios on the first and last lyrics :

A                                    D 

 E                                   A                 E   

Riff#1 :                   Riff#2 :
  E                         E
|--------------------|     |------------------|
|--------------------|     |------------------|
|--------------------|     |------------------|
|-------------0-2----|     |------------------|
|-------0-2-4--------|     |------------------|
|-0-2-4--------------|     |-0---2---4--------|

Sally called when she got the word
D	                         E       A       E
She said I suppose you've heard - About Alice   	
When I rushed to the window and I looked outside
D                                 E
I could hardly believe my eyes, As a big limousine
               A          E
rolled up to Alices drive


I don't know why she's leaving or where she's gonna go
I guess she's got her reasons but I just don't want to know
E                                                      A     E         
Cos for twentyfour years I've been living next door to Alice 	
A	                                 D               
Twentyfour years waiting for a chance to tell her how I feel
And maybe get a second glance, now I've got to get used to
      E7                 A    E
not living next door to Alice

We grew up together, two kids in the park
We carved our initials - deep into the bark - Me and Alice   	
Now she walks through the door, her head held high                                         
Just for a moment I caught her eye - The big limousine		     
Pulled out of Alices drive	


Sally called back and asked how I felt	                                                           
And she said - Hey, I know how to help -get over Alice   	             
She said Alice is gone, but I'm still 	                                                   
You know I've been waiting for twentyfour years 	
And the big limousine disappeared...


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