White dove 

[D]   A place with[A]out a name

[Em]   Under a [Bm]burnin' sky

[D]  There's no milk [A]and honey here

[Em]   In the land of [Bm]god

[D]  Someone [A]holds a sign, it says

[Em]   We are human, [Bm]too

[D]   And while the [A]sun goes down

[Em]   The world goes [Bm]by

   [D]White dove, [A]fly with the wind

   [Em]Take our hope under [Bm]you wings

   For the [D]world to know

   That [A]hope will not die

[Em]   When the children [Bm]cry

   Waves big like a house

   They're stranded on a piece of wood

   To leave it all behind

   To start again

   But instead of a new life

   All they find is a door that's closed

   And they keep lookin' for

   A place called hope

   [C]Can anyone tell me [Bm]why

   The children [Em]of the world

   Have to [F#]pay the price

   And now you're telling me

   You've seen it all before

   I know that's right

   But still it breaks my heart

   Well, the golden lamb

   We've sent

   Makes us feel better now

   But you know it's just a drop

   In a sea of tears


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