Everybody Hurts

{Intro:} D, G, D, G, D


D               G             D
When the day is long, and the night,
                    G     D
the night is yours alone. 
D                           G
And you're sure you've had enough
        D          G   Em
of this life, hang on.


Em                 A
Don't let yourself go,
Em               A     Em
'cause everybody cries, 
Em            A
and everybody hurts.
A   D        G


G                       D     G
Sometimes everything is wrong.
G                      D         
Now it's time to sing along 
                        G          D      
when your day is night alone, hold on, 
when you feel like letting go.
D                             G            D        
When you think you've had too much of this life - 
     G    Em
Hang on. 


Em              A
Cause everybody hurts,
Em                 A       Em
to comfort in your friends, 
Em        A     F#
everybody hurts. 

                 Bm       F#  Bm  F#
Don't throw your hand, ho-old on. 
                 Bm    C
Don't throw your hand. 
C                       G
If you feel like you're alone.
C                Am    D
No, no, no, not alone. 

D                 G           D
If you're on your own of this life,
                    G     D
the days and nights alone. 
D                             G
When you think you've had too much
        D             G   Em
of this life, to hang on. 


Em            A
For everybody hurts,
    Em                  A      Em
for sometimes everybody cries. 
Em        A
Everybody hurts.
A    D

G         D
Everybody hurts.
D   G                       
     G        D        G
hold on, hold on, hold on        /fade out/ 
D                  G  D  G  D  G
You are not alone


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