Thank You
                Duran Duran
                     Written by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
 Transposed by Robert Barr, comments to
 A pretty easy and fun song to play. Don't quote me on the lyrics.
 Tuning: Standard EADGBe
 Chord Definitions:
 D   xx0232
 Dsus4   xx0233
 Dm      xx0230 (no 3rd)
 Cadd9 x32030
 G* 320030
 G 320033
 Bm 224432
 E  022100
 A x02220
 Intro: Play twice
 D Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D Cadd9
 Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D G*
 Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D D
 If the sun refuse to shine
 I would still be loving you
 And mountains crumble to the sea
    D        Bm
 And there will still be you and me
 Bm     E
 Kind of woman I give you my all
 Bm         E     A
 Kind of woman nothing more
 Cadd9              G
 Little drops of rain whispered on the pain
 Tears and love lost in the days gone by
 Cadd9            G
 Our love is strong with you there is no wrong
 Together we shall go on till we die
 La, la, la, la
 Bm        E
 Inspiration is what you are to me
 Bm       E   A
 Inspiration love to see
 (Solo) Play Intro 3 times
 And so today my world is mine
 Your hand in mine we walk the mile
 Thanks to you, it will be done
             D   Bm
 You to me are the only one
       E        Bm
 Happiness is no longer sad
           E   A
 Happiness I'm glad
 If the sun refuse to shine
 I would still be loving you
 Mountains crumble to the sea
 It's to be and me

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