Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
                       John Lennon and Paul McCartney

G                           D7 
Desmond had a barrow in the market place, 
Molly is the singer in a band.
                G7            C
Desmond says to Molly, girl I like your face 
          G                D7               G
And Molly says this as she takes him by the hand.
      G                       Bm Em
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on bra.
G             D7        G
La la how the life goes on. (repeat)

Desmond takes a trolley to the jeweller's store, 
Buys a twenty carat golden ring.
Takes it back to Molly, waiting at the door 
And as he gives it to her she begins to sing.
               C                                  G
In a couple of years they have built a home sweet home
with a couple of kids running in the yard
   G                 D7
Of Desmond and Molly Jones.
Happy ever after in the market place,
Desmond lets the children lend a hand.
Molly stays at home and does her pretty face 
And in the evening she still sings it with the band.


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